"My Approach to your version of reality is based upon My Values and Force of Will to turn your being into a playground for the Manifestations of My Wishes and Desires.”

I have been involved in this Scene, and a Pro Dom for over 20 years. I know what I am doing. I can manipulate your mind, body, and soul.

Evil Living, Various Pacts, and Doing the Things I Enjoy Keep Me Young and 26 Forever.

If your lucky, you may see me at various parties or clubs in New York City.

I have an Angelsí face with a Demonsí black heart. Pale white skin, long jet blue black hair.  I am 5' 3", and I have perfect little size 6 feet. I am very busty, curvaceous, with a tight hourglass figure. I am quite the Sadist, yet can be understanding of boundaries and limits when dealing with those who need them.

I have an extensive wardrobe that includes leather, latex, rubber, and pvc clothing. I also own lots of boots of various heights and textures. I am always adding to my wardrobe and boot collection.

I specialize in sensual and sadistic pleasures. These range from bondage, crossdressing, and wrestling to spy games, mind games, and role plays. I also enjoy all different types of medical play. I am well versed in various methods of torture and can teach you the difference between pain and pleasure. I have the knowledge, ways, and means of getting exactly what I want from you.

I am very open minded, talented, and adaptable. I understand the special needs of those wanting to experiment and push their limits of physical and mental capabilities. As much as I may enjoy pushing you beyond what you yourself may think you are capable of, I do understand that some individuals are afraid of marks, and bruises.

I am now an evil bad girl comic book character. Try
www.odshelpfulhints.com to get copies of the first two books in the series. They can also be found in various comic book stores. If you wish, contact me and for the same prices I will send you the issues you want signed by me.

You may still email me at :


What I value : Intelligence, Creativity, Chaos and The Force of My Will.

What I dislike : Pure stupidity and Poor manners.

What I desire from a slave or submissive : Absolute Obedience and Occasionally their Soul.

Hobbies : Violence, Information, and Weapon collecting.

Favorite things : Rare books, Tattoos, Weapons, Antiques, Corsets, Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior, and Cash.

Favorite Gifts : Gift certificates to Tribulation Tattoos in NYC , Barnes & Nobles, Purple Passion, Boarders Books, and Amazon are very welcome.


Last updated 12/26/09